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15 - Minute Tai Chi



15 Minute Tai Chi  - Strong Body Still Mind                                                                                                                                                           by Master John Ding and Dr. Alan Ding

Tai Chi, ever-increasingly popular in the West, is an ideal form of exercise for a busy lifestyle. It can be practised alone for short periods of time and has many healing and stress-relieving benefits.  Whatever your age or level of fitness, Tai Chi is the ultimate form of exercise to keep you strong and healthy in body and mind.

In this new book, Master John Ding and Dr. Alan Ding provide concise and easy-to-follow theoretical and practical instruction, yet at the same time remain true to the traditional teachings of Tai Chi Chuan. By carefully selecting some of the most important elements of the traditional system of Tai Chi Chuan (Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan form and breathing exercises), while at the same time preserving the fundamental principles of the art, substantial health benefits and well-being can be gained by practitioners.

This book will be of interest to both complete beginners and practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan. It has been specifically written and designed for those who have an interest in learning authentic Tai Chi Chuan, and is divided into four sections: Overview, The Basics, The Practice, and Daily Living. Each of these four sections is a self-contained piece of text that provides you with a methodical approach to different aspects of the art. Tai Chi Chuan, although outwardly a practical disciplines, encompasses important elements of theory. Hence, this book consolidates many of the fundamental aspects of the art and presents them in a fashion that focuses equally on both the practical and the theoretical. 

This book provides you with a wealth of indispensable knowledge and a complete and holistic system of Tai Chi Chuan training. The principles of Tai Chi such as breathing, relaxing and posture are explained clearly, as well as the health benefits of Tai Chi, how to bring the benefits and energy of Tai Chi into daily life and looking beyond – finding the right teacher for you.

So with even with just 15 minutes’ practice a day you can:

  • Improve posture, flexibility and balance
  • Sleep more soundly and enjoy new levels of energy
  • Manage stress and prevent and resolve conflict
  • Boost immunity and counteract the effects of ageing
  • Lower blood pressure and help prevent heart disease

For those interested in the martial aspects of Tai Chi Chuan, the 15 minute Tai Chi programme, if correctly practised, can become the foundation of what can later be developed into an effective form of self-defence, as each posture of the form has potential martial applications.

The method laid out in this book will:

  • help you to realise your true potential on a physical and non-physical level
  • enable you to gain a good grounding in the ancient art, one that will serve as a stepping-stone towards greater understanding and the development of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan
  • provide you with the tools by which you can ultimately improve your quality of life in mind, body and spirit.

Even the busiest person can fully benefit from all that Tai Chi Chuan has to offer….

A truly informative and practical book.

An ideal gift for you, your relatives and friends!

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