Tai Chi & Alternative Health 

is one of the leading international and UK best selling quarterly Tai Chi magazine.  It is edited and first published in 1992 by the international Tai Chi Master, John Ding. In 2013, we have decided to do our part to help protect the enviroment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations by "going green" with our publication. We aim to be more environmentally friendly and ecologically responisble on our part. As from the 1st December 2013, the magazine will be published online so as to reach a wider international audience.

Every issue features Tai Chi history, philosophy, theory and practices and views of leading masters.  It is packed with more Tai Chi training tips, news, reviews, book and video offers and more.  TCAH also carries a full range of features on the practice and theory of other Complementary Health therapies. 

In addition, all subscribers get a 5% discount off all TCAH mail orders.