Category: Tai Chi Chuan - Forms

Posture Testing - Yu Fung Chi Pai (Apparent Close Up & Push)
Testing the posture - Hai Te Chen
Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan : Cheung Kuen (also known as the Fast Form)
Chueng Kuen Se Ying (Long form snake style)
Learning Yang Style Form Part 2 (2)
Posture Testing: Jor Yau Teui (Sit Back To Push Left And Right)
Posture Testing - Sap Ji Sau (Cross Hands)
Testing the posture - Shan Tung Pei
Posture Testing: Che Fei Sik (Diagonal Flying)
Cheung Kuen Se Ying (Long Fist Snake Form) - Feedback from the Hamburg's Masterclass September 2013

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